Understand card games and start winning

Simple, but giving freedom to create numerous genres, card games are known to everyone at least by hearsay. You can enjoy them in any free time using the many virtual casinos available in Nigeria online. We figured out which sites provide more convenience for visitors, including a good assortment of tables, suitable payment services, and quick withdrawals.

In most card games to play successfully, you need to have a good understanding of every rule used. Therefore, we have included in the review brands with sufficient reputations and good technical capabilities, whose websites are good for those who want to learn how to play or improve their skills.

The Best online casino card games

The most popular types of rules in the table genres originate from classic gambling houses. At the same time, when creating game simulators, software providers have more opportunities in terms of using an unlimited number of cards, side bets and simplifying the organizational nuances of dealing and counting chips.

The most popular among Nigerian users are blackjack, baccarat, and poker. The latter name usually refers to the varieties of card games for playing against the croupier, which we have considered separately for your convenience because of their significant differences.

  • Blackjack challenges the player to score more points than the dealer, but no more than 21. For a regular victory over an opponent, you are entitled to a win in the amount of 1-to-1 relative to the bet. Initially, the opponents are dealt two cards, and if those immediately give a combination of 21 points, the user will win more than usual, namely 3 to 2. This is one of the most profitable online casino card games for a gambler. It is easy and fun to play with any skill level and experience.
  • Baccarat, also called punto banco, seems at first glance to be a typical game of chance. Its highlight is that the online user places a bet on which of the opponents will score more points in the range of up to 9. The excess is not critical here, but only the units’ position is considered in the total. Alternatively, you can bet on a high-paying draw.
  • Casino War is known for the fact that one deal ends quickly, and it is enough to know only the seniority of the cards.
  • Casino Hold’em resembles the Texas version of poker card games by its name and this is no coincidence. Instead of a whole circle of opponents from the most suitable poker game for a tournament, you are only confronted by the online dealer. The starting ante bets, preflop, flop, turn, and river remain in place.
  • Three-card poker is also provided to play against the croupier. In addition to the need to collect a triple hand stronger than the opponent, you can bet extra chips on the appearance of paired combinations, the reward for which does not depend on the comparison of opponents.
  • Caribbean Stud is another well-known type of card games online. The hand consists of five pieces without additions or exchanges, which makes it an intermediate variant between Hold’em and Triple Poker. The main reason to play is the progressive jackpot accumulating in parallel online.
  • Pai Gow is distinguished by the fact that opponents immediately receive seven cards, after which their hands are divided into five and two. A complete victory is achieved only if one of the participants has the advantage of both combinations. In other cases, a push is considered.

A common feature of all card games for real money based on online poker is the lack of trading and accompanying psychological issues. This greatly simplifies your task.

Skill card games for newbies

All the knowledge you need to consciously play at the chosen online table can be roughly divided into the basic principles of how to bet, deal, determine the winner, and the ability to adhere to the optimal strategy. For example, you do not want to go into the hierarchy of combinations or the table of ideal decisions based on open information about the dealer’s hand for a long time. Then we recommend you choose the simplest baccarat or casino war.

Although the blackjack player needs to calculate the options, it is easier to reach the ceiling of professionalism in it than in online poker. The latter, even without unpredictable live opponents, implies greater variability of situations than in card games with attempts not to jump the cherished line of twenty-one points with the next dealt card.

Whatever your gaming temperament, budget, and cultural preferences, we advise you to avoid complex and exotic versions of the classic rules first. We mean all sorts of additional, extra, and side bets as well as multi-hand versions. They squander the bankroll and divert the attention of a beginner.

Choosing sites to play card games online

Nigerian users have an ample selection of casinos with a good reputation, security, and interesting simulators of table genres. However, not all of them are ideal in terms of the best providers and balanced lobby configurations with a variety of games. Moreover, when making recommendations for you, we considered the availability of promotions that can be used and wagered back not only in the section of online slots.

Also, an important factor in the high rating of the card games website was the presence of a mobile version. It can be either an adapted, cross-browser version or an application for the most famous gadget platforms. In each case, we checked how the simulator interface is adapted to small touch screens so that you can play on the money with maximum comfort.

Finally, the capabilities of the computer and mobile devices grow, and the speed of the Internet increases. It becomes more interesting for players from Nigeria to try their luck online with real dealers in live rooms. In many cases, their range of gambling types is not inferior to the leading casinos on the planet, and the auxiliary program panel makes operations with chips and hands through video connection extremely convenient.

Demos of card games for real money

The playability of online applications with virtual tables is so high that many users are happy to learn about them, practice before tackling bets, and just have a good time. However, the main value of such software lies in the ability to earn material benefits through luck, memory, attentiveness, and skills.

We recommend don’t dwell on demo versions, and make a deposit for the following reasons:

  • The true pleasure from gambling can be obtained only with the presence of risk and the latent expectation of wealth.
  • The real money player always acts differently from the careless idle free-coin player.
  • The result of the card games can be not only wasted time, but also real prizes.
  • Free chip bets are not counted by sites in bonus promotions and loyalty programs, removing valuable benefits from you.

Recommendations on finding the perfect game

Even if before you saw card games only in films or played them in the company of friends, now you can try to change your leisure time to a more solid and promising one. A selection of the most popular table activities includes simple applications that don’t need to be practiced for years.

We’ve shielded you from the tedious selection of reliable places for betting. Our team of specialists checked the relevance of all operator licenses and vendor certificates for the content they supply. We compared the promotions of the casinos competing for you, making sure of the transparency of the rules and profitable wagers. Finally, we contacted the support services, checking them for efficiency and professionalism, and tried the speed of money withdrawal.

We recommend:

  • Blackjack is for those who like minimal risk and calculated rewards.
  • Baccarat is for those who are not afraid of randomness and are ready to raise bets.
  • Three-Card poker is good because of the smaller hands and the lack of trading.

We do not advise:

  • Three-Card baccarat is undesirable due to additional rules and side bets.
  • Poker with other players is difficult due to the need to consider their psychology and the risk of running into a pro.

Playing at the card games casino, considering our rating and reviews, you will enjoy only pure gambling online. We took upon ourselves all the tedious moments with the search and confirmation of the reliability of operators and the feasibility of certain simulators.


Is betting on that is legal in Nigeria?

We only include brands of card games that are approved by an official government regulator in our review articles.

Can I get paid for real?

Yes, by signing up, making a deposit, and succeeding in betting, you can withdraw your money.

Can I play on my mobile phone?

Yes, all modern websites we tested have versions for smartphones and tablets.

What to bet on to have the best chance of winning different card games?

If you adhere to the optimal strategy, then blackjack and baccarat give you the highest theoretical chances of winning.