Free Video Poker: where to play it in Nigeria

Free Video Poker is a must-have in all top-ranked virtual hotspots in Nigeria. Casino operators offer dozens of VP variations to satisfy local punters’ demands. If you never tried the iconic Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, or other well-known variances, it’s just the right moment to start. In this in-detail guide, we will shed light on top-notch free Poker slots, explain how odds work, and teach you to move the house edge on your side.

The game rules and basics

Before we get to the rules’ explanation, odds calculation, and strategy planning, it will be logical to mention a few words about the game’s background. The first video machines for Poker appeared in brick-and-mortar gambling houses in the early 1960s. Video Poker slots of those days literally hit physical casinos, although they couldn’t boast of top-tier mechanics and ranged in-action features of modern machines.

The boost of online technologies made a colossal impact on the gambling sector. Nowadays, all reputable gaming portals in Nigeria allow punters to practice a thrilling play in multiple VP variances and test this legendary game in brand-new formats. Of course, gamblers need to grasp rules if they tend to master this card game like a pro.

How to play Poker games at no charge

First, we need to specify that rules vary in each particular version. Moreover, some revelries are played with different card decks and come with higher or lower odds. Still, fundamental basics and hand types are similar in all versions. For a start, a player sets his/her stake. After wagers are accepted, participants receive cards.

At this point, a bettor clears up what cards he/she wants to keep or drop. After that, a machine replaces the dropped cards. Then, it’s the turn of a showdown. A hand with the highest value wins a pot. Punters can play against a machine or try a new interactive format of free Video Poker games. In this case, they are gambling with live croupiers who shuffle cards themselves. The majority of Nigerian gamblers adore this non-trivial format, calling it more fun and authentic.

Where to play free Video Poker legally?

Whether you practice free Poker slots or put a hard coin on stake, make sure that you pick up reputable gambling portals. Our experts have a shortlist of detecting legal and trusted online operators from better-to-avoid sites. Follow this checklist if you doubt the brand’s credibility.

  • Accreditation: License by an independent regulatory authority is a vivid hallmark of trusted sites and apps. Another good sign is when companies are certified by such respected institutions as eCOGRA and GLI.
  • Safety: Although punters don’t even need to pass through verification to enjoy VP at no charge, it doesn’t mean they should neglect security measures. Besides, users may eventually transfer to money play when they get tired of the demo format. That is why we suggest picking up portals that shield clients’ confidential data with SSL encryption.
  • Mobile adaptability: Mobile-friendliness is essential in detecting top-class virtual venues. A dominant share of Nigerian punters prefers to gamble on the move. Thus, reputable brands should offer this option to modern gamblers.

If someday you plan to transfer to the actual money format in Video Poker, pay heed to other essential nuances. Lightning payout speed, regular bonus offers, and the flexibility of cash-out methods indicate white-label casinos from poor alternatives.

Real money vs free Video Poker comparison

If you wonder how the free Video Poker gambling experience differs from the actual money format, we can assure you that it is almost identical. Fundamentals and rules are the same. The primary difference is that in demo versions, you win ‘fictional’ prizes. In real mode, you can indeed earn a hard coin. What format suits you most, you should decide for yourself. If it’s your debut, we suggest you start with the demo format.

The demo format’s benefit is that rookies may boost their skills and set a game strategy without drastically hurting a bankroll. Besides, users can even skip the registration phase on gambling portals if they plan to practice demo versions. In contrast, real money mode comes with a risk of damaging one’s finance in case of unsuccessful stakes. Punters need to have accounts on operators’ sites and top up their cash balances.

The brilliance of the money format is that depositors can actually win lots of dough when their stakes hit a target. Of course, it’s risky, but the thrill of getting massive prizes grows exponentially. Besides, virtual casinos in Nigeria regularly present newcomers and loyal clients with jaw-dropping deposit perks. In most cases, depositors may double their investments due to companies’ fantastic promotions. Moreover, an assortment of revelries is more extended when you gamble for real.

Most popular VP types in Nigeria

Nigerian punters have always liked free Video Poker games. Below, you can see a roster of the most well-liked video versions of this iconic card revelry.

Deuces Wild

We bet you won’t find virtual venues in Nigeria without iconic Deuces Wild on the menu. This video version is played with a 52-card deck. The privilege of this game is wild cards. They work similarly to wild symbols in video slots. In other words, punters may use wilds to replace low-value cards and enter a showdown with a stronger hand. The house edge is almost zero in Deuces Wild, while an impressive payout ratio of around 99% allows punters to win back their stakes in due course. 

Jacks or Better

This version is equally popular among rookies and veteran gamblers. The rules are classic. Players receive five cards and decide the ones to hold or drop. Dropped cards are then replaced. Hand with the highest value wins a pot. By landing a ‘full house’ combo, bettors may grab nine times more than they put on a stake. Experts suggest picking up 9/6 tables for Jacks or Better because they give punters a privilege over the house and return with a full-pay due to a 99.4% RTP rate.

Double Bonus

The game title says it all! This Video Poker alternative comes with a fantastic bonus round. There is also a Double Double Bonus version, which offers extended bonus features, respectively. A trick of the Double Bonus version is higher volatility compared to classic Jacks or Better. On the other hand, rewards are also more astonishing. Landing four Aces will bring you much joy, as the wins could be several times more than you bid.

Tips to master Poker 

The best part about Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better is that you can apply your logical and analytical skills to set a triumphant strategy and beat a house. It is probably the most substantial aspect that distinguishes VP slots from games of chance. The following tips will be helpful for everyone who tends to play free Video Poker masterfully:

  • Practice online training programs to boost your skills.
  • Learn what hand combinations have the highest value to know what cards are better to keep or drop.
  • Pick a revelry type that suits you best (Jacks or Better is a perfect option for amateurs).
  • Opt for pay tables with the highest payout frequency (wins in Deuces Wild almost always return with full pay).
  • Never go All In with a weak hand.
  • Select versions with one card deck, as it’s more challenging to beat a house when two and more decks participate in the process.
  • Focus on the stakes’ accuracy but not frequency.
  • Keep a cheat sheet with hand combinations by your side. 

And the final recommendation is to know when to stop! Although a demo mode has zero financial risks and can’t weaken your bankroll, constant failures may shake your self-confidence a lot. Thus, if seeing that fortune is not on your side today, you better return to a virtual table tomorrow.

Pros and cons of playing Video Poker slots

Free online Video Poker has many proven benefits, though you should be aware of the game’s pitfalls too.


  1. You don’t risk hurting your bankroll.
  2. Users don’t need to bother themselves with account creation.
  3. Punters can boost their proficiency levels.


  1. The versions’ range is not so diverse in contrast to the real format.
  2. Players can’t benefit from ace bonus offers.
  3. Gaming is more thrilling when real bucks are at stake.

Anyway, an unbeaten privilege of gratis VP slots is that punters may transfer to the money mode anytime.

Summary: why to play free online Video Poker

By comparing the pros and cons of free Video Poker, we wanted to show gamblers that a demo format could be as exciting and dynamic as a real mode. Of course, you won’t fill your pockets with real cash in this case. Still, you can boost your skills and master your ‘Poker face’ like a pro before passing to the actual money format.


Where can I practice Video Poker for free in Nigeria?

The dominant share of all online venues in Nigeria offers gratis online Poker games. The essential nuance is to pick up 100% reputable sites and apps. You can check our experts’ reviews to know what websites are safe and trusted.

What is the best VP version for amateurs?

For those who just start mastering free online Video Poker, experts suggest opting for Jacks or Better. This classic version has easy-to-grasp rules, while the house edge is pretty miserable.

Can I play Video Poker for free on mobile devices?

Sure! The majority of VP slots are mobile-friendly, and you can gamble via portable gadgets en route.

Why should I play Video Poker at no charge?

Freeplay opens fantastic prospects to boost one’s proficiency level and master online Poker slots without hurting a bankroll. Once you master this revelry as a guru, you can move to real mode.