How to play Keno online in Nigeria

Nowadays, almost every virtual casino in Nigeria has online Keno in its lobby. Lotto-type games are in huge demand among Nigerian punters. The best part is that online versions of the iconic revelry come in multiple variations and formats, which none brick-and-mortar gambling hotspot can offer. Do you want to master this world-famous lotto game as a pro? Then, our expert tips will be just what the doctor ordered.

Online Keno: background and rules

Lotteries have always been mega-popular among thrill-seekers. Psychologists explain this human nature aspect by the anticipation of getting a triumph when it all depends on luck only. That is just the case with Keno games! The entertainment takes its roots from ancient China, specifically, times of Han dynasty kingship. Within ages, the game-of-chance spread far beyond the Great Wall borders and eventually reached Nigerian casinos.

Game rules and nuances

The brilliance of the Keno casino game is easy-to-grasp rules. Even amateurs won’t have issues figuring out its basics. The revelry is played with a lottery machine and eighty balls, numbered from 1 to 80. Balls are placed into this machine, where they start to mix and randomly drop into a mixing chamber. A player needs to predict the first twenty numbers (spots), which are dropped into result tubes when the lottery machine stops.

In a classic game version, the number of drawn balls is twenty. In alternative variances, there could be only ten or fifteen picks. You can bet on one number only or all twenty spots to maximize their victorious odds. But keep in mind that the ratio of catch-up spots directly defines how much you win. Some variances of Keno games offer even more in-play wagering options. Gamblers may place stakes on even/odd spots, numbers not to be drawn, over/under the total amount, etc.

The most common question disturbing amateurs is how they can be sure that balls are indeed drawn randomly. Skeptics even suspect casino operators in fabricating results in their favor. We need to assure all doubters that operators don’t manipulate the outcomes. RNG (random number generator) stands behind outcome transparency. The randomizer guarantees that balls land into result tubes arbitrarily, meaning that bettors can count on 100% genuine results.

Popular variances of Keno games

Veteran punters know that it is a whole new world when you play Keno online and in physical hotspots. The primary difference is that virtual venues in Nigeria offer multiple variances of the iconic lotto game. Each version has different in-play features, inner configuration, representation, and of course, winning odds. More progressive game types offer enhanced betting options. Except for classic 10-20 picks, online gamblers may wager on several sessions at once or benefit from combination stakes and so on.

The must-to-try game versions are:

  • Deluxe. This type is similar to the classic analogy. Deluxe’s peculiarity is that players may wager on No Draw, Even/Odd, and All In. 
  • Disco. The rules in the Disco version are classic. The difference is in the disco bonus: when a superball drops to a chamber, it doubles winnings. 
  • Monkey. It is a hybrid of a familiar to everyone classic version. The primary difference is that Monkey offers a mind-blowing bonus that makes 10,000 times more of the initial bet. 
  • Last Blast. It is another popular alternative to the classic version. The primary difference is that the final ball in the Last Blast version has the highest value. 

Also, most online venues in Nigeria offer the beloved lottery-type revelry in an interactive format. In other words, customers gamble with real presenters.

What is LIVE Keno?

We need to explain the difference between Keno online and live versions. In classic online games, you can play with a machine. In a LIVE analogy, real presenters run sessions. Nigerian players fall in love with an interactive format because they adore it when a real dealer but not machines guide the process. Authentic studios add a peculiar charm to this process and make punters feel like they gamble in fancy land-based hotspots.

The human interaction aspect makes customers repose much confidence in live croupiers. When they see a smiling lady or gentleman calling out the drawn numbers, they feel a closer bond with them, feeling that dealers play on their side. Online versions will never give bettors this one-of-a-kind thrill. Another essential privilege of the interactive format is that each round lasts around 3-5 minutes. Thus, bettors don’t have to wait an eternity for outcomes.

Winning strategy and tips for beginners

Rookies mistakenly think that games of chance have no victorious strategy. They trust their lucky star and don’t even bother themselves learning the basics. It makes sense, to some extent, as nobody can forecast how balls will land in a chamber. Still, seasoned bettors never neglect strategic moves in Keno games online.

These tips will help master the revelry:

  • Start with a demo format. The most brilliant thing amateurs can do to familiarize themselves with this game is to practice its free version. It is identical to the money type, except that gamblers don’t risk hurting their bankroll while exercising.
  • Pick up a game version you like more. Don’t hunt for phantom winnings in a revelry type you don’t like or don’t understand. Gambling purely in jackpot versions won’t make you an instant millionaire if you have no idea how payouts work and what bet types come with the highest value.
  • Choose numbers mindfully. Although nobody has the power to trick RNG, it doesn’t mean that you should bet on spots recklessly. Balls indeed drop to the tube at random, but gamblers still could track the frequency of drawn numbers. High spots can’t drop all the time, just like low numbers. Thus, try to catch this balance to shake the house’s edge.
  • Learn how the odds work. As mentioned earlier, players can make up to twenty picks per game (some versions offer 10-15 picks). You can wager on one pick only or all twenty balls at once. The main thing to keep in mind is that your winning odds directly depend on the percentage of catch-up spots. In other words, the more numbers you hit, the higher payout rates you’ll get.
  • Keep your eyes on a payout chart. Payout rates may significantly vary, depending on a stake type. We suggest always monitor charts before locking a wager. Thus, you can see what bet has boosted the chances to land higher wins.
  • Don’t bid on one ticket. In the virtual lotto, gamblers can set the number of sessions in advance. Respectively, they purchase a corresponding number of tickets. If you set five rounds and wager $1, it means that you have to buy five tickets at a total cost of five bucks. Understandably, you need more tickets for more significant earnings. 
  • Manage your bankroll. It is probably the most meaningful tip for all thrill-seekers. Blind bets may drastically damage your finances or even leave you with empty pockets. Don’t start with giant stakes at once, but better opt for smaller bids! Also, if you see that fortune is not on your side numerous rounds in a row, then take a break for a while and return upbeat.

And the final but no less fundamental rule is to pick up gambling hotspots wisely. A casino choice is crucial, especially when you gamble on a hard coin. We always make a license-check and monitor casual customers’ reviews when deciding on particular sites and apps to play. Our experts tested dozens of virtual casinos and selected only 100% reliable and safe ones for Keno fans. 

Free Keno vs real money gamble

Punters are the ones to decide whether they want to practice free Keno or double a thrill by wagering with real cash. If you are an amateur and hardly understand what the odds mean in general, better opt for demo mode, at least until you grasp the basics. Once you feel that you master the revelry enough, you can transfer to money format.

The real format’s brilliance is that you actually win a hard coin every time you hit more winning spots. Besides, bettors can benefit from multiple perks offered by operators. Finally, Keno’s high payout rate of 98% makes it a brilliant option for money-making stakes. In simple words, gamblers may win back $98 from each wagered one hundred bucks. 

Pros and cons of lotto game

It would be unprofessional from our side to mention only Keno casino game benefits and skip misses.


  1. It is a perfect lottery-type game both for amateurs and seasoned bettors.
  2. Most Nigerian sites have multiple game variances in their lobbies.
  3. The 98% RTP percentage allows bettors to win back a dominant share of their biddings. 


  1. Keno belongs to the games-of-luck category, meaning that punters can’t set a single triumphant strategy.
  2. Some companies set unreasonable fees on clients’ winnings.

As one can see, cons are not too crucial, and they definitely shouldn’t stop you from playing the famed revelry.

Summary: is it worth playing Keno?

For answering this question objectively, let’s summarize what we have learned about the well-liked lotto. When you play Keno games online (both in a free and real format), pick up casino operators wisely. Also, keep your eyes on offered payout charts, as they may differ drastically at a particular portal. Besides, who says that punters can’t predict winning spots in games of luck?! They can if they follow our expert tips and grasp the odds’ basics. So, our unbiased opinion is that Keno is definitely worth mastering.


Where can I play Keno online in Nigeria?

Almost every casino in Nigeria has several Keno variations in its lobby. On our site, you can find only trusted online hotspots accredited by independent regulatory bodies. Our experts’ reviews will help you pick out the best gaming portal for yourself.

Can I gamble Keno for free?

Sure! Nigerian players can practice free Keno in virtual casinos. However, only the real cash format allows customers to count on solid earnings.

How can I know that the outcomes are fair?

RNG, or simply speaking randomizer, assures transparent results for bettors. It means that punters shouldn’t doubt fair outcomes when they gamble Keno online.

Can I master my skills in Keno on mobile devices?

Sure. Casino enthusiasts may play the iconic lotto on portable devices but not only a PC. Online Keno fits perfectly with Android and iOS gadgets.