Main things you have to know about online Nigeria scratch cards to win

Your first acquaintance with free scratch cards in Nigeria will be breathtaking when you select them. On the other hand, we keep examining good cash gamblers, searching for trustworthy online casinos. Take a look at the first-rate casinos in Nigeria and gain significant cash with scratch cards for reasonable money.

The market of a scratch ticket does not get a continued story of any additional casino amusement similar to baccarat. But, this actuality does not reduce its acceptance among gamblers. The possibility to delight in playing scratch cards for Nigerians developed in 1974. The Scientific Games Company, supported by American John Koza, composed primary scratch card pastimes this year. 

With the growth of new applications, scratch card amusement get prepared its road in the online sphere. Despite the popular online variants developed just in 2010, gamblers delight in free, no download amusement from the fresh casino software developers. Now, the diversity of ideas and marvelous arts of online scratch tickets surpass one of their paper or plastic variations.

Can it be complicated to understand the game’s rules?

Scratch cards directly represent those who wish to catch a breakout from the complication of slot machines and additional casino amusement. The online scratch ticket’s base mechanism expects players to match 3 figures to win. 

New online scratch cards apply a 3×3 gridiron. And to hold the status active, players move the possibility to uncover each figure one close to one. Online scratch card has an exclusive paytable. Read our short instruction on how to play:

  • Choose the topic and play scratch cards that please to your taste.
  • Wager your money.
  • Choose to frisk the next card.
  • Scratch the card’s covering using a mouse or pressing the uncover button.
  • If you match any figure, you can take your prize.
  • If you get a false match, you get the possibility to try it further.

You can select from a collection of scratch online amusement that can have a different idea and get the reward of each form and size. Spot your bets, scratch out to uncover the figure as you move to delight in its breathtaking gameplay!

Actual information about the best kinds of scratch card games

There are two kinds of pastimes that players can delight in. There’s a possibility of selecting a lottery card or a progressive card.

  • Lottery.

The lottery cards are virtually universal, as they propose big jackpot wins. They besides demand the player to scribble out the card to present a trophy.

  • Progressive.

When you turn a progressive card, there is a specific order that you have to equal on the card to fit out to carry forward for the progressive jackpot.

If we speak about names of popular best scratch online games, they can be Diamond Deal, Volcano, Epic Gems, Red Card, Foxin’ Wins, Pandamania, Pixies of the Forest, etc. The most played are: Paper Minecraft, Geometry Dash,, Getting Over I, The Ninja 5, Scratcharia, Cloud Platformer, Epic Ninja. These tickets are also made in hundreds of different topics, adding an individual touch for anything players who love to make the first odd.

Scratch card game features to uncover lucky ticket

When you select any of the scratch cards online games available for free, you should study the rules attentively. Any of them propose many figures and differential payouts for their best combinations. 

Bonus Rounds

The fresh concept is always bringing new scratch cards, different kinds of bonus rounds. The giant Wheel of Fortune rewards give credit or multipliers, Pick and Win admit participants to select pictures for the opportunity of winning a prize.

Special Symbols

Some special symbols can get an exclusive price connected to them or trigger a win. It does not depend on where they come inside the game round.

Extra Entertainment Screens

Here the purpose of the entertainment is not upright to gather matching symbols. The combination has to be obtained in the level vertical or diagonal line.

You should uncover and match 3 figures to gain, in others – 2. There are games where figures should build a line to make successful combinations, and in some places, they can be in different positions. That is why regulation is what you study beforehand playing any cards stake.

In common, the chances of maturing a victory in scratch card games are higher than in paper tickets. What is more, colorful figures, pictures with great-quality art from Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and other casino software suppliers are highly amused.

Which scratch tickets have the best odds?

We can say the next: there’s nothing you can arrange, especially to improve the odds. What you can do, is to explore proposed scratch card games for their desired level of danger.

For example, in the sites’ chart, a $3 ticket has the equal chances of success whatever trophy and the equal chances of success the head trophy that a $5 ticket does. The dissimilarity is in the total award measure – $10,000 vs. $500,000. The point is, would you prefer to win back a $3 ticket or a $6 ticket?

To put it shortly, a player’s chances of success at a trophy size become more significant when they spend more. Then, the player’s strength is inclined to save up their money and pass it on a $15 or $20 ticket with odds of 1 in 3, or 1 in 2, or 1 to 4 accordingly.

How does an individual gather the winnings from scribble scratch cards online?

There are several ways to gather the reward, and this is the subject of what type of card you are determined to start with. Websites make it easier for you to deposit cash in than to draw back cash out. There can be definite demand that you have to meet earlier, withdrawing any cash from the website. 

For instance, whether you claimed a bonus in the first deposit, it asks you to bet the bonus measure for a certain period before you can drawback anything. The usual withdrawal way consists of bank transfers, check, PayPal, Ukash, Neteller, and more. You may get to bring an ID to authorize you are the balance holder. Few websites get restrictions on how much can be withdrawn within a time. For instance, you may just be capable of withdrawing $10,000 in a period.

Withdrawals can grip a varied amount of time. It may take up to a maximum of 10 days, although websites promote that you will get your profits within 3 – 5 days. If you have not received anything after the determined time, it’s advised that you contact client assistance.

Tips on how to gamble online scratch cards for free or real money

This simple gameplay has the only possibility of gaining real money. The reason is the immense reputation of scribble cards in Nigeria and plenty of other countries. You can get real money as far as they are allowed and legal. 

The cost of a card changes from one game to the other. The most common price begins at $0.5 per game. If you get joy and tension, you can win back online card funds. Here are some of the tips to support you when you intend to get for real money or for free:

  • Always decide on your period of expenses for real cash. This will support you in being amenable to passing cash on your playing preference.
  • Do not act when you need cash. Fairly hold yourself.
  • Choose it based on your budget and amaze it to not drive above our budget.
  • Always see the trial version for free earlier you deposit for real cash. 
  • Scratch cards online that propose a 200% match bonus should be what you glance out carefully for, as your fortunes will not be doubled.

So, never spend all of your profits playing more; somewhat save some cash. If you start to feel like a weird hero that always wins – just have a break or choose another type of game.

Are we satisfied with this scratch market review?

We reviewed some resources for the best free scratch cards in Nigeria for our visitors. We have analyzed every card game from the first-rate casino software suppliers available. Not only that, but we get each the newest tickets diversion, as we never neglect any business freshness. Now the player can enjoy cards in Nigeria even without downloading.


You can simply obtain the first-rate real cash cards, which propose casinos for gamblers. Each of these casinos admits Nigerian players and maximizes honor in the gaming sphere. Moreover, you can scan almost every scratch to gain a card casino bonus, which proposes this or that online casino.


  • To play scratch card is a game of opportunity.
  • The effect is subject to what is base underneath after you scribble.
  • You can act for free to train.
  • Possibility to withdraw real money


  • Not easy to hold yourself not to play more on real money.
  • Not easy to find trustworthy gaming sites

Let our examination of online scratch cards amusement not dissatisfy you. Move the essential experience now and arrange yourself for real money. Get great overcome with the support of the finest online games!


How can I start to play cards online?

You can play cards online at top Nigeria casino websites after finishing the registration process and making the first deposit at a recommended casino.

Does anyone ever gain?

Yes, several players get won while gambling the lottery online. The most you can gain is up to $10 000 over the State Pool site. You can earn megs or additional valid-being rewards at casinos, such as cars.

How do you analyze if a scratch card is a winner?

The game will expose a congratulatory message showing how much you get won right after the outcome’s revelation.

What are the chances of winning?

Online cards apply random number generators, forming it tough to regulate the chances. The outcome is subject to the RNGs rule and creates everyone’s game result entirely accidental.

How long do I have to wait to take my prize?

Most online success cards allow players 90 days to take their profits. The site where you purchase will get the change of repurchase period. The days to take it may differ on different websites, and it is significant to analyze the worthy mark of every ticket to keep off lacking away on claiming your profits.