Dive into the world of poker games

Exciting, but inherently simple poker games leave room for both chance and skill. Thanks to these features, this type of gambling leisure has fascinated millions of people around the world. We want to help all categories of players interested in the most popular card game on the planet to find a good place to play online comfortably and safely.

Your enjoyment of the process directly depends on the good organization of the work of the site that provides rooms for online poker games. Therefore, we want not only to suggest the best places for users from Nigeria but also to bring you up to date, so that in the future you can independently figure out which characteristics of the venues are paramount.

Varieties of poker

The evolution of the rules and the spread of gaming outside of clubs, communities, and casinos have shaped many types of gaming environments. We advise you to pay attention only to those that are generally accepted in the field of online poker. Despite the abundance of differences, the winning player at the table in all types is determined by the presence of the highest (or lowest) combination.

Offhand, we offer to play the following game formats:

  • Texas Hold’em with two cards dealt preflop and four betting rounds after each face-down and open phase.
  • Omaha, which means four cards personally dealt with and unknown to the rest of the players.
  • 7 Card Stud that most closely resembles the mainstream retro version of the poker game.
  • Lowball or Razz, which is a kind of giveaway with the inversion of the precedence of each hand.
  • 5 Card Draw practiced by many sites, despite the secrecy of information and the status of an amateur genre.
  • Mixed styles of poker games like HORSE, similar to all-around with an orderly change of rules after each round.

To provide more variety, many organizers open sections with variations of the types we have listed. You should only try to play them after you get comfortable with the basic rules and the key differences between them.

Where to play poker games online

You don’t need a casino to face off against real players or play tournaments for money. Sites that organize games in rooms operate on different principles, although they charge a commission. First, such operators must be licensed in any of the national jurisdictions, not necessarily in Nigerian. This fact guarantees control over their activities, encryption of transmitted data, legal financial online transactions.

We have included in the ratings of reliable websites only those places where it is easy to both make a deposit and quickly collect winnings. It is fun to play and win, but without converting your successes into wealth, online poker will be frustrating. That is why we have also focused on those venues that have a choice of online payment services convenient for you.

Competent and always available customer support is also an essential feature of a reliable website, in our opinion. We tested all the declared types of communication for all candidates for getting into the recommendation list.

In the end, to play poker online without any problems, an appropriate level of technical support is required. We are talking about both sufficient server capacities and cooperation with high-quality providers of software for rooms. Any failures are unacceptable, because, unlike casinos, such sites are created for the one-time play of real people here and now.

More advanced players will pragmatically pay attention to additional “goodies”, such as special conditions for tournaments, the availability of special bonuses for new users and loyal visitors, feedback from friends already playing.

Real money rooms and free poker games

We advise you to understand the rules, practice, and develop your strategy without risking real funds. Free chips are perfect for this. They are used in the training mode both on paid sites and in online entertainment rooms. You can freely practice poker games online even after registration and with real money in your bankroll.

Benefits of real bets:

  • An opportunity to improve financial condition.
  • More serious rivals.
  • An incentive to accelerate skill development.
  • Genuine emotions from the process.
  • Accumulation of bonuses.

The main feature of the training mode of the game is that the user participating in it does not claim real payments and competes with computer bots or other people of the same kind who have fun or study. In contrast, there are bonuses on the principle of online casino promotions, which consist of freerolls or no deposit chips. These allow you to receive cards, deal, and collect a hand with a claim for real winnings.

Free poker games are a great way to build self-confidence, so we specifically checked how available this option is in the places we studied. There you can quickly understand the importance of luck, psychology, and the ability to distinguish sharks from bluff masters in the game. Free rooms are a great way to play for fun while gaining experience.

Tips for newbies to online poker

You can learn and improve skills in this wonderful game all your life, so at first, it is important to get at least a few guidelines. We advise you:

  1. Do not be afraid to say a pass when the combination looks hopeless.
  2. Remember that frequent bluffing is dangerous and useless.
  3. Try to evaluate not only your cards but also the hand of opponents.
  4. Remember to play poker games with online players who are both better and worse than yourself.
  5. Consider your seat at the table as you play.
  6. Do not overdo with the response to the sharp rise in bets.
  7. Don’t overestimate the matching of suits, which are less valuable than the same numbers or faces.

The organizational aspects of online poker games, such as creating an account, taking the first steps, conducting money transactions, joining tournaments, and receiving bonuses, are fairly well organized on the sites we recommend. Even if something is not clear at first from the tips on the pages or in the downloaded applications, you can always contact the competent staff of the website.

Benefits of selected poker sites

In choosing the best place for you to play online, we made sure that the world’s most respected sites are suitable for Nigerians too. While this international game is the same everywhere, apart from the types of rules that are more preferred in some regions, the main nuances relate to the accompanying points.


  • Serving residents from Nigeria.
  • Working with payment services widespread in the country.
  • Availability of internationally recognized official licenses.
  • Profitable and transparent bonuses for users.


  • Rare use of naira for bankrolls.
  • The need to learn the game to get real winnings.

Intending to try yourself in a new form of gambling or to become a pro in the future, you should be aware that the listed recommended sites are not casinos. They only serve as an intermediary and moderator for the planetary community of players.


How legal are these sites in Nigeria?

If operators accept persons with Nigerian citizenship, the government allows them to place bets because poker is a skill game.

Do I have to use real money?

No, the user has the right to use demo chips as much as he wants.

What is the difference between games in these venues and casino poker games?

In the rooms, users compete with each other, not with the dealer.

Will I be able to receive the money I won?

Yes, all licensed websites included in our review and rating have been tested for fair customer payments.

Do I have to register under my real name?

Yes, this is a mandatory requirement, ignoring which can lead to the blocking of the profile.