Privacy Policy

Our company complies with all legal requirements regarding the dissemination of information on the network. We always put the credibility of the resource first and scrupulously consider every complaint. The processing of the personal data of our readers and measures to ensure safety are described by the following conditions.

  1. Our personal data processing policy always applies to all information that the administrator may get about users visiting the website. We do not share such data with third parties and use the information received to improve our resource.
  2. Anonymization of personal data is the main our principle. Data exchange with the resource is carried out using encryption. GoCasino always uses the services of professional developers.
  3. Our website guarantees that the processing of reader’s personal data, including any activity carried out with computer equipment, aimed at collecting, recording, storing, personal data is carried out exclusively with the consent of the user.
  4. The site administrator reserves the right to process the following personal user data: IP address, browser version, screen resolution, timezone, OS, device type. Our readers have the right to demand clarification regarding the processing of their personal data by contacting the website administrator through the contact form.

Any significant changes to the privacy rules in general and the policy of using readers’ personal information may be revised by the website administration unilaterally. Resource owners are not making a commitment to personally notify users of such changes but should write about it on this page.

Our Principles

Our team strictly adheres to the laws governing the gambling industry.  Administrators of our website can use the personal data of the gamblers only if the information was sent by the user through special forms. If rules and conditions for using our web resource were accepted, you by default agree to such terms. The website administrator also processes anonymous user data, if this is permitted in the browser settings.

Use of E-mail

The website administrator can notify the users about services, announcements, new products, special offers, bonuses and various gambling events. Our readers can at any time refuse such mailing. We never share readers’ contact information with third parties involved in spamming.

Use of Cookies

The use of cookies is necessary in order for the content of the website to be correctly displayed to users with different devices. Our readers can block or delete cookies using the configured browser. But, in this case, we do not guarantee the correct display of information.