Spin the winning wheel of online roulette

Based on the classic game of chance, online roulette attracts pros and novice gamblers. Regardless of your skill, we’ll provide you with useful facts about how, what, and where to play. In addition to well-known and general data, we have focused on information for users from Nigeria.

Since virtual simulators of this game do not exist on their own, apart from websites, the review touches upon the strengths and weaknesses of casinos that offer gamblers different types of roulette. Even with the same content providers, operators have different bonus offers, personal account conditions, transaction options.

Features of choosing an online roulette casino

The first step to win is finding the best casino. We made this for you. Since the principle of operation of the certified software is the same and cannot be influenced in any way by the site, the issues of reputation and safety come to force.

Our experts have carefully evaluated them. In particular, when looking for the best online casino with a sufficient range of roulette games, the following nuances are important:

  • Valid license from a reputable regulator such as relevant commissions and authorities from the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Curaçao.
  • Content from a gambling vendor with up-to-date certifications from organizations like eCOGRA to prove the honesty of software.
  • The official practice of accepting Nigerian players with the ability to freely register, make a deposit and withdraw money.
  • Reliable methods of encryption and protection of the transmitted information in those moments when you log in, play, make transactions and inform the website of any personal data.
  • Compatibility of the operator’s platform, and the software used with all modern desktop computers and mobile devices.

The big advantage after meeting all the mandatory standards is the promotion policy. Although the player is not always allowed to use and wager the welcome, reload, and other bonuses in online roulette, incentives improve our experience of the place. On paper, praising any promo can look good. Therefore, our team tried to go each way from receiving gift chips from casinos to converting them into real money.

Types of roulette games online

The Internet versions of the old gaming entertainment borrowed the rules from the classic ones, and also provided a technical opportunity to present several new ones. They differ both in the structure of the wheel and in different options that allow you to bet on all possible outcomes of the round.

In general terms, all kinds of rules come from three main varieties, and subsequently received several new types:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American;
  • Mini;
  • 3D roulette;
  • With a live dealer.

The first two have 37 sectors, namely, 18 red, 18 black, and one green zero sector. They have a higher return-to-player percentage than the overseas version, which is widespread in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The US-style has two zero sectors and this increases the advantage of the gambling house when you play roulette online.

In addition to pompous terms in French, the subspecies of the game originating from Monte Carlo are distinguished by the La Partage rule. It implies the return of half of the bet lost in the sector with a 50/50 probability if the ball hits zero.

Exotic mini wheels with 13 numbers and variations without a green sector have also successfully turned into the virtual casino software. Of course, the payout settings in them differ from the standard ones, which affects the gameplay itself and the optimal strategy.

However, fans of progressive innovations will love the roulette games created specifically for gambling websites. We are talking about simulators that launch several balls into one wheel or conduct draws simultaneously on several wheels, but with a single table for accepting bets. They speed up the game, make it possible to play more flexibly, however, in our opinion, they require you to be more focused and sophisticated in this gambling genre.

Separately, we would like to mention the variants with side bets that allow you to compete for the progressive jackpot of the casino or rooms for video communication with a live dealer conducting an online broadcast from the studio. They will be a good way for you to diversify your leisure and prize-winning experience.

Online roulette basics for beginners

From a technical point of view, a user of a casino operating in the format of a website should choose the chip denomination that suits him, place tokens on the positions corresponding to the types of bet on the lined field, keeping within their limits, and hope for luck. The program does the rest on its own. It launches the ball, announces the results of its stopping, takes the losing chips favoring the house, and gives out winnings following the pay table of roulette online.

Of course, playing the digital version will be a little easier for you, since you can behave more relaxed, and also use several auxiliary features of the simulator. For example, the history log of drawn numbers makes it easier to keep statistics for the following strategies, and the control panel buttons speed up the process of repeating the last bet, clearing the table.

This game is loved by many generations of gamblers for the ability to independently determine goals of different probabilities and flexibly combine them. So, you can win by betting on black every other time, but little by little.

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to wait for the ball to stop at your favorite number, but it also gives a tangible material return. Once you figure out how to play with payout ratios of 1 to 1, it will be easier for you to move on to bets on adjacent numbers, sectors, columns, dozens, specific numbers.

Developing the perfect online roulette strategy

We immediately warn beginner casino players that there is no perfect recipe for winning at roulette. However, we can give you a general tip, and not just one, on how to get closer to maximum RTP and minimize the advantage of the site.

  1. Choose your game responsibly. We recommend all beginners start with European roulette with simple rules and maximum player advantage.
  2. Remember that the payout ratio does not always accurately reflect its statistical probability. This should be considered when planning tactics and long-term strategies for casino roulette betting.
  3. Start with the so-called outside bets, allowing you to get a bird in hand and gradually build up your bankroll.
  4. Learn to keep tight control over your budget. Determine the daily betting limit based on the expected duration of the session, the value of the chips used. Keep track of the time, money balance, and never add more funds to recoup if you have spent the established rate.

Remember that roulette games online are random, so you cannot blindly rely on any betting system. The main success factor is to increase the balance in the medium term until the moment when the casino edge starts playing against you.

Online roulette for free and for real money

The pleasure of the game often directly depends on the amount won. However, many users prefer to play roulette in the free demo mode for a while. From our point of view, it may be easier for you because you do not need to register, log in, risk money, and worry about failures.

Free roulette:

  • does not require registration and transactions;
  • lets you test any tactic;
  • leaves the user anonymous;
  • protects against the risk of losing.

Real roulette:

  • presents more versions;
  • allows you to wager bonuses and accumulate loyalty points;
  • gives a chance to get rich;
  • has a live dealer option.

On the other hand, the casinos we tested allow even authorized visitors to train with fake chips. This is an invaluable opportunity to gain the necessary experience. It is only available online. If you are willing to play for real money, you will get more emotions. Also, you can reap the benefits of promotions and possibly get richer.

Our selection of online roulette

This genre of gambling is not for everyone. However, we advise you to at least try it on the online roulette casino sites we have tested.


  • Intuitive game principles with simple rules.
  • Freedom in choosing the tactics of betting in different fields.
  • Large winnings with transparent conditions for their achievement.
  • Convenient online gameplay.


  • Complete unpredictability of results at any time interval.
  • Limited use of casino bonuses.

We’ve given you an overview of both the roulette itself and the preferred places to play it. Assess your risks, and try to spend your time profitably on the recommended sites, remembering to first practice the demo versions.


Is it realistic to win at roulette and withdraw real money?

Yes, if you are lucky at roulette, winnings are always transferred on the websites we tested.

Are these online bets legal in Nigeria?

Yes, we only recommend casinos licensed in that country.

Which game is the best?

In theory, it is more profitable for a player to deal with European roulette.

Which chips are easier to win, free or real money?

The math settings for regular and demo games are always the same.